Paris day 2 – No tourists for Mona Lisa

As usual I woke up, had my breakfast and my shower and packed my stuff for the day. I also got to know my roommate Flo. He is from France but lived in South Africa for the last 6 months. He went to Paris to find a flat and start the next step for his life. We arranged to meet up for a dinner tonight. Then I went to the Louvre. Armed Police was everywhere. I couldn’t find the entrance to the Louvre so I got all of my courage together to ask one of the police men and they …

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Paris Day 1 – The city after the terror

Eiffel tower french flag night Paris

This what I will write about the next weeks is an experience I will never forget in my life. I went to Paris exactly 1 week after the attack of the IS. The airplane of the flight Dublin – Paris was just half full. And I was able to smell the fear of the people inside the airplane. Even I was afraid, I didn’t know what I would find there. After the landing I got through the pass control and saw armed military everywhere in the airport immediately. I remembered that I read some days ago that they were planning …

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