Paris – conclusion

Eiffel Tower Paris France

I have to say I enjoyed Paris pretty much. Especially after the Terror attack you could see how strong this city is. Life goes on in there and people doing their best to show the world that they are not afraid of the terrorists. If you want to visit Paris for your first time, you should consider going during the winter time, it is simply too full during the summer. To avoid tourists you should know that there is a sort of a triangle. Eiffel tower – Louvre – Notre Dame. This triangle is overfilled with tourists. You should only …

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Paris day 2 – No tourists for Mona Lisa

As usual I woke up, had my breakfast and my shower and packed my stuff for the day. I also got to know my roommate Flo. He is from France but lived in South Africa for the last 6 months. He went to Paris to find a flat and start the next step for his life. We arranged to meet up for a dinner tonight. Then I went to the Louvre. Armed Police was everywhere. I couldn’t find the entrance to the Louvre so I got all of my courage together to ask one of the police men and they …

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