Gran Canaria – Conclusion

dunes maspalomas gran canaria

Gran Canaria is a fascinating island with a lot to explore! The north of the island is full of Spanish people and it is hard to find English speakers. So if you want to visit this part, you should know some Spanish phrases. In the south on the other hand, you will find everything but Spanish. The most spoken languages there are English and German. Also this part is very touristic with many attractions and tours. If you travel from the north of Europe, or North America, you will find many things on this island very cheap. To travel around the …

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Gran Canaria day 6 and 7 – Let’s get naked!

On this day I went to the Yumbo center in the morning to get some breakfast. I also got some souvenirs, a beach towel and some postcards. After that I went back and got ready for the beach. I had one big goal for this day – go nude on the beach! I mean honestly, I am far away from my home and nobody knows me here. Also I will probably never ever see the people on the beach ever again in my life. So why not simply do it? So I went with only my shorts on to the …

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Gran Canaria day 5 – Lost in the desert

When I woke up, I checked my bank account and saw that there was no money on it at all! I was broke. Of course I was a bit upset, but I tried to stay calm and thought about what to do next. As I wanted to go to the next place, I asked a friend of mine online if she can book a place for me. The money I had left was enough for some food and a bus ticket, so this wasn’t a problem at all. Fortunately she booked a place to stay for me via Airbnb in …

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