Camino del Norte – Part 2 Dogs and monks

Jakobsweg Spain Scallop camino

Camino day 4 – Also pilgrims get drunk This morning I woke up as the first one and felt pretty sick. I took some medicine and had a light breakfast before I started to go. I left my backpack at the bar and started walking through Vilalba all the way through the pretty meadows. After a while, I found a nice pub in the middle of nowhere and decided to have my proper breakfast there. When I went in there guess who I saw? The group from yesterday! Unfortunately, they already had their breakfast and left already, but I knew …

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Camino del Norte – Part I

Day 1 – Let’s get started! My first day started already terrible, I looked outside the window and it rained! I haven’t seen the sun for several days, but it didn’t rain so far, so this was something new. Fortunately I had my raining jacket with me, but still, starting the camino with rain? Not the best thing to do. After breakfast I overcame my anger and started the walk. I have to walk 30 kilometers to arrive at my destination. I never did this in my life before, so this was something quite new. On my way I saw …

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