Carcassonne – The beginning of a new life

Today is the day! The day, I finally start my trip around the word! I am sitting here at the Dublin airport and trying not to cry about all the things I left behind and instead I try to focus on the adventure I am going to discover! And the first city I am going to visit will be Carcassonne. Unfortunately I just met someone and I need to leave him behind, which makes everything even more difficult for me. But I worked so hard to get here, I can’t just stop! The plane was ready to start and I …

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Amsterdam day 3 – Van Gogh Museum – next try

Amsterdam houses

Today is the day! We will finally go to the Van Gogh Museum. This time it will work for sure! But first we had to get ready, get ready, have some delicious breakfast inside the hostel and go out to get some cheese. Amsterdam is famous for its cheese and you can get it in nearly every souvenir shop. There are also a lot of shops specialized in cheese and selling every imaginable sort of cheese. The amount of cheese you can find in Amsterdam is incredible! As many stores also have taste samples you can also just eat cheese …

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