Grew up in Germany. Left my home at the age of 17 – I went to Nuremberg.  I started my apprenticeship as food technology expert and after I finished it 3 years later I went back home, because I did not belong to Nuremberg either. December 2013 came, and I left again. This time I tried to do a bigger step. I went to Ireland, to explore this Island and start a new life there with a new challenge.

Now I am traveling around the world to see its beauty, its people, its stories and
also its history. Nothing makes me happier as to see all the different places with the different people and their stories. I do the things most people won’t do, simply because it is too different and dangerous for them. I climb up cliffs, hitch hike in places I have never been and discover cities in my own way.

Nothing makes me happier than to get this experience. This is also the reason why I write this blog, to share my experience with other people around the world, so they can see how life can really be.


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  2. Ian says:

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