Goodbye France and hello Spain!

On the next day I went to the bus station of Toulouse to wait for the train. From there I had a 5 hour journey to San Sebastian. I saw the border of France and Spain, which is a bridge crossing a beautiful river.


San Sebastian


san sebastian beachI arrived in the late afternoon and had to walk around 30 minutes to the cheapest hostel I found, it was inside a park on the top of a hill, far away from the city center. I kinda regret my decision of choosing this hostel, as it was really far far far away. But at least it looked very modern and was hidden in the beauty of a forest. And I met a guy there, Ale from California. He is traveling Europe for a bit and going to visit his girlfriend in Austria soon.

I also checked out the beaches in San Sebastian. There are 2 beaches and both of them have really clear water with beautiful yellow sand. I also went inside the water for a swim and was able to see the fish underneath me while swimming around. It was a really great experience! Also the city itself looks beautiful with its houses built in the 20th century. A real must see! But after 2 days I had to go towards Santander. So I went to the bus station, which is underneath the train station and waited for my next ride.




statue children jumping water santanderThe city that gives the bank its name, also well known for its huge harbor. Here I had to stay 3 days in a row, as I got a chest infection and had to rest for a bit. I booked an AirBNB, as it was cheaper than an actual hostel. The location was inside a residential area, not far from the center. It also looked very spanish. Everything inside the house is crooked –  the stairs, the door, the floor, the ceiling, everything! And colorful! Pink, yellow, green, blue, red, etc. every color was to be found in the house. I loved it!

I also had the opportunity to experience San Juan while being there. San Juan is one of the most important holidays for spanish people and they celebrate it with lots of fireworks and a huge beach party! Unfortunately I couldn’t party with them but at least I saw the beautiful firework from my balcony.

In Santander there is also a victorian palace,built as a gift for the english queen and used as a holiday home by them. Also known as the palais de Magdalena. It is very small and simply made, I couldn’t find anything special about it, except that it had its own small zoo, but all in all I have to say I saw way better ones already.

Once I was feeling better I moved on to Gijon.




gijon beachI still don’t know how to spell the name, but as I didn’t spend more than a night there, it didn’t even really matter to me. Anyway I was surprised by its size, it is a huge city, it appeared even bigger than Santander. Also the beach there looked really nice and I would have loved to have a swim in there, but unfortunately I was still feeling a bit sick and it was raining all day long, so I had to skip the swim. At least I saw the church there and got my next stamp for my pilgrim passport. The priest even gave me a blessing for the way and a prayer card. There are also Roman baths you can visit, but they were closed and I couldn’t find any opening hours.

As I just stayed there for the night, I had to move on the next day and took the bus to Ribadeo.




ribadeo statue stepsRibadeo is a small town on the north west coast of Spain and also my last stop before I start the camino del norte. It has a pretty town center for its size and what I really loved about it was that at 7 pm, everybody was outside and playing with their kids. I never saw something like this before! I also tried to stay my first night in one of the albergues for pilgrims, but unfortunately it was already full and I had to stay in a pension near the town center, which cost me 20 euros – a whole lot of money! Anyway I didn’t spend much time exploring the city, as I had to get ready for my camino walk the next day.




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