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Today is the day! We will finally go to the Van Gogh Museum. This time it will work for sure! But first we had to get ready, get ready, have some delicious breakfast inside the hostel and go out to get some cheese. Amsterdam is famous for its cheese and you can get it in nearly every souvenir shop. There are also a lot of shops specialized in cheese and selling every imaginable sort of cheese. The amount of cheese you can find in Amsterdam is incredible! As many stores also have taste samples you can also just eat cheese all day long, even though you should be respectful and buy some of the products when you like their samples. And if you think French people are addicted to cheese then you should truly go to Amsterdam!

Canal Amsterdam FerryAfter all this cheese buying and eating, we went to the ticket shop to get a ticket for the Van Gogh Museum and decided to have a ferry ride right away, as it was included in our transportation ticket. It actually sounds stupid to go on a ferry just because we are able to, but don’t really need to. But hey, if it is included – go for it! So we crossed the river twice – once to go to the north part of Amsterdam and once to go back to the south – just to get the experience.

Donald Duck Van Gogh Portrait

And now we were ready for the Van Gogh Museum! We arrived in the inside and we skipped the queue with our exclusive tickets and started immediately with his famous portraits. Looking around, we learned a lot about Van Gogh’s life. Seeing many of his self portraits and different paintings he did in different periods of his life. From his sunflower paintings up to his Japanese style paintings – there was everything! I was truly amazed of the variations of his painting styles as he really adapted to different cultures and also traveled a lot to expand his skills. I already liked him – a traveler like me.

Which was also very stunning for me to see was a black bowl. Why? Because it just looked like a black round plate. But it was painted in Vantablack. A special black color that does reflect almost no light at all. Because of the special skill of the color you are not able to see any shapes of the 3D object anymore. Don’t ask me why it was there.

As lucky as we are there was also an exhibition of munch’s masterpieces. The most famous ones were the Scream and the Vampire. I was really excited to see the Scream, as it was actually a painting, that simply everybody knows. But I have to say, that the original one does not look as good as all the copies. It was made with crayon on cardboard. Later I found out, that there are 4 different versions of the Scream and I simply was unlucky to see the most simple one.

Fries cheese sauce AmsterdamAfter the Museum we went to one of the street markets in Amsterdam to see the tulip sales there. Unfortunately it was already pretty late and the markets closed already. So instead we went to a pub for some food and to a coffee shop afterwards. We also had some of the famous fries in Amsterdam with some cheese sauce. It had a weird color though. And then we went to bed early, as we had to get ready for the flight the day after.


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