Amsterdam day 2 – The Anne Frank House And Rembrandt

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When I woke up in the hostel, I noticed a guy smiling at me. He did it for like 2 minutes and fell asleep again. It was so odd! The only explainable reason for this would be that he was  just simply high. I tried to ignore what happened and woke up the girls, so we were able to get some early breakfast.

After a while of walking around between the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, we found a small little Italian cafe and had some crepes and macarons, with Espresso in it. It tasted so good! The macarons had the right texture for a soft but still firm bite. It was pure temptation!

houses canal AmsterdamAfter such a delicious breakfast we had to decide the plan for the day. There was so much to see in Amsterdam! It would take over a week to explore it all. But we had only 3 days. So we checked out visitor attractions nearby and found out that the Anne Frank House was only a short walk away. So it was decided!

After the short walk, we finally arrived there. The house is located in Prinsengracht 263-267 and there was already a huge queue waiting to get inside. For us it meant to wait 45 minutes. But it was worth the waiting!

The Anne Frank House is mostly about the girl named Anne who hidden herself in the back of the house during the time of the Nazi Regime. You can basically walk around inside the house and get to know how she and her family lived in hiding. Also you are able to see the hidden entrances to the back side of the house and you get to know their daily live until their capturing. They also tell the story about the different family members and what happened to them. Unfortunately only Anne’s father survived. They quote many parts of Anne’s diary and they are partly written with such a deep and sad meaning that it is hard not to cry. Overall it was a very deep and overwhelming experience. Very recommendable.

When we got out of the house, we discussed what to do next. So we checked our map for some awesome attractions and Caterina already spotted something very tempting for her – the Rembrandt House. It was decided! When we walked towards it, we got lost several times but with the help of many friendly people we finally found it.

Rembrandt house AmsterdamThe Rembrandt House is just a simple small building located at Jodenbreestraat 4. Even though, it did not look big from the outside, there was a lot to see inside! One of the most memorable parts of it was  the famous entrance hall with many of his beautiful paintings hanging around. He hung them up for potential buyers, so they were able to see them immediately while waiting for their appointment.

Also one of the most interesting parts is, that everything looks like back in his time and you are able to see how people lived in his century. I also liked the kitchen, as you were able to see how they cooked in the past and there was a room full of souvenirs he collected from around the world. He also had his own apprentices and you are able to walk through the training rooms and see how he trained them. After all I really enjoyed the visit and being able to look inside the life of the past.

Also my friend Caterina loved at, as she is a painter herself and nothing makes her happier than being able to see how her idols lived back in the past.

When we finished this great experience we went first to a coffee shop to relax a bit and afterwards to an Argentinian restaurant for some dinner. Back in the hostel we got ready for the evening, as there was another friend of mine coming to Amsterdam. Her name is Lena and she is going with her boyfriend, Steve, to live in Mauritius, but had a stop in Amsterdam first.  

As the girls got ready for the night we met with my friend Lena and her boyfriend at the central station and walked together to the coffee shop named The Bull Dog. It was one of the oldest coffee shops in town and very famous for the Bulldog logo. It was a crazy place! Starting from the colorful outside up to the odd looking interior, this place had some weird style! We had a lot of fun in there and Lena told us all about her journey and her next destination – Mauritius! Her boyfriend is from there and they want to build their life there now. Best of luck for them!

skyline harbor amsterdam nightAfterwards they showed us where they stayed for the night. It was on the canals inside a houseboat. This was pretty awesome. It was beside a swimming Chinese restaurant and you had a great view over the canals. The scenery looked amazing with all those lights mirroring inside the canals water surface. We got really jealous and envied them a lot. But we were also happy for them as it was a huge step for them into a new life. We also had our final goodbye there, as they had to leave the morning after.



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