Amsterdam day 1 – Be careful what you eat!

Amsterdam houses

Ryanair flight amsterdamThis time I went together with 2 of my best friends – Valentina and Caterina – to Amsterdam. The girls arrived very late at the airport and we got into the airplane just in time. As the flight was very early, we had a beautiful sunrise over the clouds. For some reason, the Airplane hit the ground very hard and some of the passengers even screamed for a second, but nothing serious happened. From the airport we got directly to the train station and bought a 3 day ticket each.

At the central station we had to figure out where the hostel is. central railway station AmsterdamMy friend Valentina had the address and I had the map. Which was probably the biggest mistake we could have done. I found the street, which was beside one of the canals, and we walked towards it, but for some reason there was no hostel at all. Valentina and I had a huge argument about it, as I was sure that this is the right street and the address must be wrong, but she was sure that the address was right and we are simply in the wrong street. I feel sorry for Caterina, as she was between us and didn’t know what to do. But after we asked around a bit, we figured out that the street is shaped like an U and we were simply on the wrong side of the U.

So we walked to the other side of the street and there it was – the hostel! On the way to the hostel we saw a lot of bikes. Like a lot! Even the central station was overcrowded with bikes! I even asked myself how they would find their bikes again, as there were so many bikes at a time that it was impossible to keep track of them.

vending machine fast food amsterdamWe checked in the hostel and tried to find some food afterwards. We found a store full of vending machines – filled with hot beverages like a fast food restaurant. It looked pretty cool and of course we had to buy some of the food. It was very delicious! We walked a bit around the city and found some very weird stuff. A sex museum, prostitute museum, condom museum, coffee shops for weed, etc. I never saw such an open minded city before!

We went to a coffee shop to get one of the “special” muffins. The shop was called Bulldog. I tasted the muffin and it tasted delicious! Like pure chocolate! So I ate more and more of it, until it was gone. The girls instead shared one of them and didn’t eat much of it. Bulldog coffee shop amsterdam


I amsterdamFrom there we walked to the tram station, as Caterina wanted to see the Van Gogh museum. When we drove towards it, we saw the famous Heineken brewery. As we got out at the museum, we already saw the famous “I amsterdam” sign and took some selfies with it – like tourists would do!

At the museum itself, we had to stand in a very long queue. And all of a sudden I didn’t feel well anymore. My bones got weak, I couldn’t stand straight anymore and everything was spinning. I wasn’t able to talk and I even couldn’t open my mouth at all. Instead I got out of the queue and leaned on a wall.

Then the girls tried to walk back to the hostel with me. The next thing I remember is, that I woke up in my bed and felt totally fine again. I checked the time and figured out that I must have passed out for like 5 hours straight. I was also alone in the room. So I tried to remember what happened and how I got there. I remembered things like, I thought I was climbing a mountain, when I took the stairs in the hostel and that at some point the girls pushed me along the way.

I checked my mobile again and saw a message from the girls saying that they went shopping and we will meet up downstairs at the bar.
So I went downstairs and waited for them.

Fortunately it didn’t take them too long to come back and we went to another coffee shop to relax a bit until the night came.

red light district amsterdamWhen we walked along the streets again, the whole city changed completely! There was no beautiful shopping area anymore. Instead we were in the middle of the red light district. We saw the girls everywhere, even in front of the church! And this was actually the tourist area. We never ever saw something like this before. This city is really unique in that way.

We then went for something to eat and back to the coffee shops afterwards to relax a bit more.
Afterwards we walked again along the streets, this time at a different part of the city, and found china town with its Buddha temple. Unfortunately everything was closed at that time and we couldn’t really enjoy it. Instead we went to another bar and had some drinks there. We also figured out soon that it was a LGBT bar with a dark room in the back, but decided to still have our drink there.


The next day.

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