Gran Canaria – Conclusion

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Gran Canaria is a fascinating island with a lot to explore!
The north of the island is full of Spanish people and it is hard to find English speakers. So if you want to visit this part, you should know some Spanish phrases.

In the south on the other hand, you will find everything but Spanish. The most spoken languages there are English and German. Also this part is very touristic with many attractions and tours.

If you travel from the north of Europe, or North America, you will find many things on this island very cheap. To travel around the whole Island, I had to pay less than 25 Euro. Also food itself is very cheap, except for meat and cheese. Even in the touristic places you can find a meal for 2 for under 20 Euro! Hostels instead are rare on the island and more common in the touristic part. But even there you won’t find one every time and most of the people don’t recommend them, as they are very dirty. If you should go to Puerto de Mogan though, I can highly recommend the hostel “Volver Beach Hostel”. You’ll have an amazing view from the balcony there and it offers everything a backpacker needs.

If you are a fan of nightlife, Maspalomas is the right call for you. The Yumbo Center offers everything you need. From Restaurants and bars to clubs, there is for something for everyone. It is also well known by LGBTQ people and many of the locations there are designed for them. But the crowd itself is always very mixed up. Playa de Inglese for example is made for LGBTQ people and there is even a special part on the beach reserved for them.

Gran Canaria has also a wide variety of beaches. Black sand, white sand, yellow sand or rock beaches, you can find every kind of beach on this island. Also the water is very clear there and even when you walk along the harbor of a town, you are usually able to see the ground of it. You are even able to walk through a small part of the Sahara desert beside the beach, as the winds from Morocco bring a lot of sand to Gran Canaria and created their own landscape of dunes there.

The temperatures in Gran Canaria are always the same and never change too much. If you want to escape the cold winters in the northern hemisphere, this is the perfect place for it! It also rains very little, which makes it the perfect destination for sun lovers.
All in all I can highly recommend this Island to everyone who loves the sun and beaches.

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