Gran Canaria day 6 and 7 – Let’s get naked!

On this day I went to the Yumbo center in the morning to get some breakfast. I also got some souvenirs, a beach towel and some postcards. After that I went back and got ready for the beach. I had one big goal for this day – go nude on the beach! I mean honestly, I am far away from my home and nobody knows me here. Also I will probably never ever see the people on the beach ever again in my life. So why not simply do it? So I went with only my shorts on to the beach through the dunes. My feet got burned again but also the burning hot sunlight fell so nice on my skin!

Arriving at the beach I looked around and got very nervous and wanted to quit. Then I looked around and saw lots of naked people with, well…, let’s just say not so perfect looking bodies. Also there was nobody under 45 years old. This gave me enough confidence to just get off the short and to jump into the water like god created me. It was an amazing feeling to swim around naked. You feel more connected to nature itself. Also lying around afterwards, and enjoying the heat of the sun on your whole body was a great feeling and I really enjoyed it. I can definitely recommend it to everyone to do it at least once in your lifetime!

After this amazing experience I went back and had a nice, long shower. After some rest I searched for a nice restaurant and found one near the place I stayed. It was a Spanish restaurant and I ordered a traditional Paella. I didn’t see on the menu that the Paella was meant for 2 people, as the price of it was so low. Only 12 Euro! The Paella itself was delicious! I never had one before so it was a new taste for me and I really enjoyed it. But I was more than just full afterwards and I couldn’t finish it all.

As it was midday, I decided to have a nice walk down to the Faro lighthouse. On my way to there I bought some souvenirs and got some water, as the sun was really hot at this time of the day.

From the lighthouse I walked along the beach and somehow I didn’t feel very well. My stomach hurt a lot. I think it was because I ate too much of the Paella. Anyway, my stomach gave me the signal that I will vomit in the next few seconds and I tried to run away from the people, so nobody would see me. But it was too late. I emptied my stomach in the middle of the beach with everyone looking at me. It was so embarrassing! I tried to put some sand on it and just walked away quickly, trying to hide myself between the people and disappearing. I walked down the beach, back to my place and had a shower again. Afterwards I rested more and wrote some postcards and tried to forget what happened at the beach.

In the evening I went back to the Yumbo Center and watched the Drag Queen show again. On that evening I met a nice couple from Yorkshire and a totally drunk girl who talked about how much she loves her boyfriend, but still wants to cheat on him, but wasn’t sure if she should do it or not. We drunk more and enjoyed the night. I got back at around 5 am and my alarm was going of at 7 am for my flight.

Unfortunately I didn’t hear my alarm at all and instead my host woke me up at 8 am and I was still totally drunk. He looked at me strangely and I was wondering why, but I had no time to think about it, as I had to get the next bus immediately. So I got ready in like 5 minutes and left the house. Fortunately the bus was a bit late and I still caught it. In the bus I thought about why my host looked so strangely at me and then I realized that I slept completely naked in the bed without a blanket. It did explain why he looked at me in that way.

At the airport I found out that my flight got delayed as well, so I had to wait 2 more hours until I flew back to Dublin.


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