Gran Canaria day 4 – Special moment with a crab

I started my next day pretty early. As the town was still asleep, I went up to the top of the street of my hostel, to a viewing point. From there I was able to have a look over the whole town. I relaxed a bit there and then I went to the viewing point on the west side of the town, from where you can see Tenerife and watched the crabs there. After that I walked to the breakwater near the beach and found some black cats. I think they are living in the breakwater. Unfortunately they were too shy to be petted. From there I jumped into the water and snorkeled a bit with the fish, went shopping afterwards and back to the hostel. In the hostel I had some lunch and rested for the afternoon.

In the evening I went back to the beach, but this time not the touristic part, instead I went to the part that was not full with the breakwaters. There I saw only Spanish people in the water and a huge sign that says swimming is prohibited. I pretended to not see the sign and went into the water.

When I snorkeled, I had an amazing view with way more fish to see. Then I looked to the horizon and and thought and an idea got into my head. So I started to swim against the waves, towards the horizon and just swam. I saw the ground under me, it must have been 7 or 8 meters deep.  I swam over a huge black spot, must have been an underwater cave or something. And I got slowly tired. My arms started to hurt, I felt every wave more than the one before and I started to look back and saw the beach on the horizon. I was impressed and scared at the same time about how far I had been able to swim out. The feeling of being in the water without being able to touch the ground, but still seeing it, scared me to death.

I tried to swim back, slowly, but it was so hard, as every muscle started to hurt. Somehow I ended up at the cliffs instead of the beach, the waves must have taken me there. I tried to climb up some rocks, but the waves were too strong and washed me away every time I tried it. Instead I gave up and swam towards the beach.

I was so relieved when I got back and was able to touch the ground again. I was just sitting in the water between some rocks to get some rest and then I saw it, a crab! Right beside me there was a crab staring at me. We stared in each others eyes without moving or blinking. It felt like hours, but I think it was just a minute or two before a bigger wave came and washed the crab away. I never saw the crab again.

I walked back to the hostel, still a bit sad about the crab and there I met some of the guys who are sleeping with me in the dorm. They invited me to the sunset and told me it is a special one, but they didn’t tell me why. I got some food and beer and went with them to the west point. There I saw what was special about it. We saw the sun going down behind a mountain on Tenerife. It is the only time you can see the mountain from there. It was really beautiful!

I also met a guy there who was homeless, not because of money, no, because he had chosen to be. He’s living from day jobs and sleeps inside an abandoned hotel. He had a very calm and relaxed personality and didn’t worry about anything, as he owned nothing he needed to be worried about. Also if he doesn’t like a place anymore, he just moves to the next place. He has a freedom, some people would dream of.

Then I spoke with one of my dorm mates, Lukasz. He is a diving teacher and told me a lot about it. He pointed out where he already found shipwrecks, showed me thousands of pictures he took underwater and told me about his dream to dive in the great barrier reef with the sharks. We then met a guy named Marco who worked in one of the bars. His English wasn’t the best, so we spoke a mix between English, Spanish and Italian. He is also living in Puerto de Mogan, but has his own flat. We said goodbye to each other and I went back to the hostel and slept.


To the next day


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