Gran Canaria day 3- The pizza incident or never leave your pizza unattended!

The next day, I woke up early and got ready for the bus. I had to be quick, as there was only one bus in the morning. Otherwise I would have had to wait another 5 hours. I waited for the bus, which came too late and I also had an even worse trip than before. This time the bus drove in the middle of the mountains, up and down, one curve after another, my stomach had troubles to survive this. The driver himself was simply mad! He talked on his mobile, drove in the middle of the road, didn’t take the breaks, when he had to and drove far over the speed limit. I was so happy when we finally arrived at Puerto de Mogan.

I searched for a hostel and had some difficulties to find the right street, but fortunately the locals there were able to speak English and explained the way to me. I still wasn’t able to find it. Instead I saw the beach with beautiful, clear water and a lot of fish inside. I also walked beside the houses along the harbor, covered in the most colorful flowers I have seen so far! The water in the harbor was even clearer than the water at the beach. I was able to see the ground of it and the fish swimming underneath the boats.

I went back to the town to ask further around where the hostel was. After a while I finally found somebody who showed me where it was. It was beside the post office, up the stairs. I really hoped that they would have something available, as I had hardly any money left  and needed something cheap. I was also sick of looking for a place to sleep all day long and just wanted to relax.

When I arrived I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was the most colorful house in the city. Covered with lots of paintings, souvenirs, mosaics and well, I think there was every kind of kitsch. I walked to the reception and fortunately they had a bed left for the next 2 nights, which I booked. I rested a bit in the room, as it was siesta time and went down to the beach after a couple of hours.

At the beach I saw some breakwater and went to it, as it was a nice place to swim and there was a good empty spot for my towel. There was also a sign saying it is prohibited to walk on the breakwater, but some Spanish people walked on it anyway, so I thought it was okay. I finally had the chance to swim! It was such an amazing feeling to swim in clear water, that does not smell like chlorine, and see all the fish beside you trying to hide from you.

After a an enjoyable swim, I got out and walked to the shopping center to buy some groceries. I found a pizza for the microwave. So I put it in the microwave, left it unattended for a second as a guy approached and when he saw it, he got an heart attack. As there was no oven, he took the pizza out of the microwave and putted it inside a pan on the stove with some butter, to make it taste better. I couldn’t say anything, as it happened too quick. But he was also very nice and asked me immediately if I was very hungry. I told him yes and he offered me some toast and butter with salt. It is the survival trick number 1. And it actually is a great idea. You just need to add some tuna to it and it is the perfect survival meal as it contains everything your body needs. I will keep this in mind for further trips.

I then tried to talk with the guy, but he was very silent and didn’t even want to tell me his name. When the pizza was ready to eat, he disappeared. Instead I met a nice girl from Canada. She is studying in Birmingham and stayed in Gran Canaria for the summer break.

After a nice, short small talk I went up to the roof terrace to eat my pizza and had some rest there. Also, as the hostel is build on the top of the hill, I had a wonderful view of the port and the beach.

Then I decided to go to the beach again, this time with my goggles to be able to see something underwater. I walked to the same spot again and jumped into the water, but this time I really swam and dived with the fish. I saw so many fish, it was incredible! Even a blue starfish and a fish in rainbow colors. It was so pretty to see! It was really hard for me to get out of the water again, but after a while I was able to do it and went for a sunbath.

A good half an hour later I went shopping again and bought some toast, butter and salt. I also found some very cheap beer and bought a few cans of it. I put the groceries into the fridge and went for a walk through the town, as it got dark and went to bed afterwards.


To the next day


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