Gran Canaria day 1 – My first experience in a brothel

One day ago I booked a flight to Gran Canaria without anything else, no Hostel, no Hotel, no plan, just the flight. And now I am in th20160623_205515e airplane flying to Gran Canaria. The flight itself was bad as there were lots of children on board screaming and yelling. At the airport I had to wait longer in the queue for getting the passport checked, as there was only 1 guy checking them for several arrivals. It was also very warm and I was sweating like hell.


20160623_214202After this bad experience I decided to get out of the airport first and looked for a bus to Las Palmas – the capital. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything. So I asked a guy in there and he showed me where the buses are. At the bus stop I met a woman from Moskau. She explained to me which bus I had to take and told me she is staying in Gran Canaria for 2 months.20160624_121444 Then I got into the bus. It was pretty cheap, only 2,30 Euro. During the ride I saw a lot of beautiful flowers and plants I never saw before in the wild.

At the Bus station in Las Palmas I asked in a shop for a map and a cheap hostel nearby. They showed me on the map where it was. I went to the hostel, but it was a B&B and also pretty expensive as they had only 1 room left.

Instead I asked them where the city center is. They showed me the direction and I started walking towards it. A few streets later a guy asked me if I am lost and I explained that I am looking for a hostel. He offered me to bring me to one. His English was very bad and I had troubles to explain my situation as my Spanish wasn’t fluent either.

He dropped me at the city center and I looked for another hostel. It was already pretty late but everybody was out in the streets and celebrating. Even the shops and restaurant were still open. I finally found a hostel but it was nearly booked out and the last room was too expensive and I couldn’t afford it. I walked through the streets looking for another hostel and saw a lot of street bazaars. Even the beach was full with celebrating people. It was nearly midnight but the streets were alive. After a while I simply gave up and looked for the next Taxi. I told the driver that I am looking for a hostel. He did not understand me at all, until I made some gestures to show him that I am looking for a place to sleep.

He then drove me to a hotel and I had to pay only 6€ for the ride. Unfortunately the hotel wasn’t open anymore and the driver drove me to the next hostel – without charge. He was so nice!

The hostel itself was also closed and I asked in a nearby coffee shop where I can find a place to stay. They showed me a pension, but when I got there, they also told me they do not have any room left.

Back on the street I checked where I was and checked the distance to the first  B&B – but unfortunately it was on the other side of the city – and so I considered to sleep on the next bench I would find.

After a while a guy named Habi came to me and asked me if I need help. I explained my situation and he said to me: “Well, I have a business. It is closed today. It is kind of a girls club. You can sleep there tonight if you like to.”

I was wondering what it exactly 20160623_235825was, but my only other choice was a bank in a park, so I said yes. He then told me, I have to give him 30€ but after some bargain we agreed to 20€. When I thankfully accepted the offer, he explained me what kind of business it was – a brothel. I accepted it anyway. In there he showed me the room – with shower included. The bed had black sheets and a gold-colored satin blanket. I fell in love with the bed. The girls there also gave me a piece of Hawaii pizza. Afterwards Habi gave me his number before I went to sleep.


To the next day —>

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