Iceland Day 7 and 8 – The best was saved for last


I woke up in my tent and opened it. I have to say I saw the most beautiful sunrise ever!20150915_070219

Then I had a little breakfast in the laundry room, as there was no kitchen and I packed my stuff afterwards. During that I met a guy from America. He was on his honeymoon with his wife. We talked a lot about traveling and good travel destinations but he had to go soon, as they had a tight schedule.

So I walked down the streets towards the underwater tunnel. After a while a woman with 3 kids stopped for me and drove me all the way to the tunnel. She told me a bit about farming in Iceland. She also told me about sheep in Iceland. At this time of the year, they are going to bring all the sheep back to the farms as the winter is coming soon. They even climb up the mountains to catch all of them. She also told me that nothing is really growing here. Only some wheat, apples and pears. Thats pretty much all that grows. Most of the things they get are imported from other countries.

At the border of the tunnel another woman gave me a lift. Fortunately she drove towards Keflavik. She was originally from Luxembourg but lives in Akranes for years. She also speaks 5 languages. English, French, Icelandic, Spanish and German. She told me a lot about how it is in Iceland during the winter time. The wind can get very strong, 40-46 m/s. And it also gets very cold. It can get down to -18*C. Sometimes you can’t even drive on the streets because the wind will blow away your car. It sounds like another adventure though.

She also told me about a story of 2 French hitchhikers who stole the bag of a woman giving them a lift. They got caught by the police hours later as everybody knows everyone on this island which is why it is very easy for them to find 2 French tourists.

Then she let me out at a petrol station in Hafnarfjörður, close to Keflavik. From there a guy in a monster truck gave me my last lift towards Keflavik. He told me about the volcano eruption last year and that nobody was allowed to go there, as the surrounding air was poisoned. He also showed me pictures of hot springs, created by lava.

When I asked him where the camping ground in Keflavik is, he explained me that there is no camping ground at all. I couldn’t believe it and was also worried, as I needed a place for my tent. He then let me out at the swimming pool and there the staff told me as well that there is no camping ground in Keflavik. So I looked for a guest house but it was too expensive for me. They told me there that there is a hostel and showed me where about.

The hostel was on the oth20150915_192443er side of the town. I walked  there and checked in. 3.500 Crones was the price for 1 night. I also needed to use my sleeping bag as bed sheets cost extra. After checking in I decided to look around and see the town. It was actually a pretty little town. They had roundabouts with the Eiffel Tower and a British phone cell in the middle. 20150915_122220I also discovered a Rock’n’Roll museum, but it looked kind of boring.

On the street I saw kids driving around on very small scooters. They were like 12 year olds. I was wondering if this was actually allowed and if they have driving licenses for it. Then I went to the harbor and couldn’t believe my eyes, but the water was so clear, that I was able to see the ground again. I also saw a strange looking house with a very big and huge entrance beside the harbor. I figured out that the house was built for the giant Giganta, a character from a fairy tale.20150915_153525

Afterwards I ate an ice cream and went to the swimming pool. 550 Crones was a good price for it. Of course it was the same with the showering, but after a couple of times you get use to it. They had very nice hot tubes in there. I also fell asleep in one of the tubes. I don’t know for how long, but long enough. Nothing is better as the feeling of being surrounded by hot water. After the swimming pool I went shopping in Netto and had dinner in the hostel.

During dinner I met a guy named Pierre and talked with him a lot. He went to the national gardens and is also going to Dublin soon. I really liked talking to him, as he hitch hiked as well and even went camping in the middle of nowhere. I also gave him some tips about where he can go to in Dublin and what he should see in Ireland (We also met up in Dublin 2 weeks later and I showed him around). We later decided to watch the Northern Lights and went outside. This time we saw white ones. It looked so pretty. Like white dragons flying around the night sky. Pierre asked me what the vikings in the past may have thought about those lights. It was the best moment I had in Iceland and I always like to look back to it.


On the next day everything started fast. Standing up – packing my stuff – saying goodbye to Pierre – checking out – walking to the airport. I think it took me less than 30 minutes. On my way to the airport I had to walk a lot, as nobody gave me a lift. But finally after a while, a woman took pity on me and gave me a lift. She told me she is working at the airport at the check in desks.

At the airport 20150916_123057I walked a bit around and enjoyed the last moments in Iceland and asked myself if I will ever see it again, as I still need to explore the north of the island. In the airport I checked in and did some souvenir shopping before my flight departed. In the airplane I took my last picture of Iceland.

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