Iceland Day 6 – A long way to Arkanes


I woke up, had a20150914_120502 quick breakfast and went to the city center afterwards. I slandered through the shopping streets and bought some souvenirs and food. And I also went to the Harpa to see it for the last time. It looked simply stunning and beautiful in the morning sun.

20150914_111603Afterwards I walked all the way up to the cathedral of Christ The King and saw a strange statue there. It looked like a woman staying and praying with a green cross glowing inside of her. It looked pretty strange and I had no idea what it should represent. Modern art I guess.


Then I walked all the way to 20150914_124805Hallgrimskirkja and had a look inside. Honestly, it looked so boring. It was simply just grey inside. The only pretty thing was the organ, it looked pretty. But the rest was boring. Did I already mention it looked boring grey?



When I got out I walked along the r20150914_134348ainbow street for the last time. It was a good feeling though. When I walked all the way back to the camping ground I found a phallus museum. And yes, it is what it said. All about the penis. I didn’t go inside though, as I saw enough of them in the swimming pool showers already.

Afterwards I walked back to the camping ground, packed my stuff and went towards Akranes. It was a long way to there and as I was walking beside the “motorways”, nobody gave me a lift. At least I saw a lot of beautiful bridges on my way.

After a while, I found a petrol station. This was my chance! I sat down at the exit of the station stopping every car to ask them if they can give me a lift direction Akranes.

Unfortunately it took longer as I thought. After 45 minutes, a women finally wanted to give me a lift, but she went to the wrong direction. So I waited for another car. And finally! A young guy named Johannes stopped and gave me a lift direction Akranes. He drove me to a town called Mosfellsbaer and told me that he never saw the east side of his country. I was pretty shocked and told him he should really do it, as it is so beautiful! He also told me about his brother who is studying in New York and about how McDonald’s and Burger King went away from Iceland after the financial crisis. I really liked to hear that, as I am not a fan of fast food.

When we arrived in Mosfellsbaer I said goodbye and walked further towards Akranes. After a while a young couple stopped for me. They drove to Akranes to see a movie called Marla. They told me it is an Icelandic horror film. Nothing for me though. We drove all the way towards Akranes. We even drove through a tunnel underwater called Hvalfjarðargöng. The tunnel looked stunning with the wet stone walls inside. Just imagine the tons of water above the tunnel!

Shortly before we arrived they asked me if I already saw trolls and elves. I told them I am still waiting to see them and they laughed a lot. Afterwards they dropped me beside the camping ground. 20150914_182346It was the cheapest of all of them. Only 750 Krones per night. It had no kitchen and no Internet which explained the low price. I talked with the owner of the camping ground and she told me she would love to go to Ireland one day. I told her a lot about the country and how beautiful it is. Because of it she decided to go to Ireland for her next summer holiday.

Arkanes was a small little town beside the sea and also had a swimming pool (as every town and village in Iceland). Of course I had to go there. And again they had the strict rules about showering and of course they also checked it.  But this time, there was no desk, just a cleaner. I also have to say that they had great hot tubes in there this time and I really enjoyed staying in there.

After the swimming pool I went to the lighthouses and walked a bit through 20150914_195151the little town. It was very quiet as there was nobody outside at all. They even had (hot!) showers on the stone beach. Just imagine it! You jump into the cold sea, have a nice swim and when you get out, nearly frozen to death, you just go under the hot shower. Well, I didn’t do it.

Then I walked all the way back to the camping ground and discovered a strange light on the mountains. I never figured out what it was.

The camping ground itself was beside the beach and I heard the waves of the atlantic ocean breaking at the beach. It was so lovely!


To the next day —>

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