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Eiffel Tower Paris France

I have to say I enjoyed Paris pretty much. Especially after the Terror attack you could see how strong this city is. Life goes on in there and people doing their best to show the world that they are not afraid of the terrorists.

If you want to visit Paris for your first time, you should consider going during the winter time, it is simply too full during the summer.

To avoid tourists you should know that there is a sort of a triangle. Eiffel tower – Louvre – Notre Dame. This triangle is overfilled with tourists. You should only go there if you want to see one of the things in there. And consider going in the morning. Otherwise you will be stuck in a queue for a very long time. Also if you want to go up the Eiffel tower – take the stairs. It keeps you fit and the queue is not as long as for the elevator. Don’t forget to go back there after the sun is down. The Eiffel Tower sparkles at every full hour.

20151121_093145The Louvre should be definitely on your list. It is for free if you are under 25 (with ID). I am only disappointed by the Mona Lisa. It is not possible to get close enough to “enjoy” the painting. So just take a typical selfie with her and leave her afterwards.

If you are not afraid of darkness, skulls, and the underground, think about visiting the Catacombs. A small part of them is open for public viewing near the Notre Dame. There are also other entrances. But don’t forget that this is very dangerous and illegal. The police is patrolling sometimes in there.

The French kitchen is known in the whole world and that has a reason.

If you want to go to a good restaurant, try to avoid restaurants with red-white checkered tablecloths. These are tourist restaurants and no local would eat in there. Also order wine. It’s impossible for a Parisian to eat dinner without having wine.

20151121_131945Don’t forget to visit the Chinese quarter in the south of Paris! It is the largest one in Europe and also with the largest Asian market in Europe. From chopsticks to dragon costumes, there is absolutely everything. You can even find a Buddha temple in there. The food in the restaurants there is also very delicious and traditional. But please don’t ask for a fork.

For getting a nice view all over Paris, there are several options:
Of course, there is the Eiffel Tower, but on the other hand you can also go on the top of the Arc de Triumphe. But the best view for me is still on the top of the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur. If you like it cheap, there is also a plateau underneath the church, but still high enough to see all over Paris.

Overall I have to say Paris is a very pretty city with friendly people, as long as you are treating them with respect. And I can’t wait to visit it again.

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