Paris day 3 and 4 – the Bataclan

My last full day in Paris! I couldn’t wait to get out! Also the sun was finally showing up!20151121_094850 So after the usual morning stuff I walked to the Louvre and from there to the invisible bridge
– the one that seems to be made of locks – and made my way to the Eiffel Tower. On my way some armed military crossed my way, which was a bit terrifying for me. But I was slowly getting use to that.

A few streets later I got into the Metro from Assemblee Nationale and left the Metro again at La Motte Picquet Grenelle. 20151121_103215From there I walked all through the park to the Eiffel tower. It was a magnificent view! The tower in the middle of a bridge, blue sky. In that moment I understood the magic of the tower, the magic that attracts millions of people every year.  The magic, which brings the tourists to this beautiful city.

At the Eiffel tower I walked to the nearest cashier and paid 7 Euro to go up the stairs. There was no queue at all, just a small one for the elevator. But I thought I’m a strong guy and this could be my only time on the Eiffel tower, so let’s take the change and walk up the stairs! It took me a while, but finally I got to the first floor. 20151121_111643The view was already great and it got very windy. But the first floor was not enough for me, so I walked up to the second floor.

Up there I discovered that I had to pay extra to go to the third and last floor and it was only possible by lift. I decided to not go there, the second floor was enough for me. Instead I walked around a bit and enjoyed the view. I finally saw how huge Paris actually is! And I also saw a small exhibition about skyscrapers and discovered that actually China has the highest one (I figured out later that the architect was still waiting for permission to build it).

Then I went back to the first floor. At the first floor I walked around a bit as well and had a look at the giant ball, which is hanging there as sign for our environment and how we have to treat it. 20151121_112622Then I looked on the floor and discovered that I was standing on nothing – I was able to see to the ground and got immediately so shocked and scared that I jumped away – a guard saw that and laughed out loud. Well I have to admit, it looked funny for sure. I had a closer look at the floor and saw that I had been walking on a glass plateau the whole time. I tried to walk there again and this time it was fine for me, I even jumped a bit on it. Then I walked all the way back down to the bottom and said goodbye to this beautiful tower.

After that I decided to walk to the Palais De Chaillot to take some good photos of the tower. There I saw a black guy greeting a policeman and the policeman answered with his middle finger. I am not sure how I have to judge this, but the black guy went away laughing. After I took some photos I got into the Metro station Trocadero and went all way down to Porte D’ Jury.

When I got out from the Metro station I walked the rest to China town. It was the biggest one in Europe and a lot of people from Laos live there. But itt was nothing special, mostly full with Chinese stores. 20151121_131945There was also the biggest Chinese shopping mall in Europe. It was full of different stores; from costume stores to pharmacies up to a Buddha temple, they had everything in there! I really liked the place and enjoyed staying there. But after I bought some food and souvenirs in there I had to go back again, because there was still a lot of stuff to be seen in Paris.

I went to the Metro Station Olympiades and from there to Chatelet. At Chatelet I got out and went all the way to Notre Dame.20151121_140301 I was so happy to see finally an overcrowded place. It was so full with tourists, that I decided to not go inside. Instead I went around the church to see the sculptures on it. A lot of them were already broken and I asked myself why they never replaced or repaired them. I also saw lots of scary sculptures, little monsters staring into nowhere. I didn’t understand what those sculptures have to do with Christian Religion.

On my way back20151121_171642 to the hostel I bought some stamps for my postcards. In the hostel I had a nap and decided afterwards to go to the Place de la Republique. When I got there, it was a strange feeling. The Place was full with people. Some of them were crying, others singing. I even saw people who had signs with “free hugs” written on it. I also saw a good million flowers and candles. It was overwhelming for me. I remembered the news I saw a few days earlier and all the people who died.

From there I walked all the way down to the Bataclan. I walked through some side streets and saw military everywhere. Some of them were even hiding behind bins. I will never forget the feeling I had, when I walked along the street knowing that there wereat least 5 men staring at me, who were able to shoot me down immediately if they wanted to. It felt so liberating when I got out from the side streets back to one of the main streets.

Soon I got to the Bataclan.20151121_173913 It was completely shut down of course. Some buses were parked in the front, so nobody was able to see the entrance. On the other side of the street were people standing and singing french songs. I also saw lots of crosses and flowers lying along the wall. The side streets of the Bataclan were closed as well and full of policemen. I remembered the video I saw when people were running out of the side entrance and tried to get out of the windows. Now I saw how high the building is and how high the windows are. The people must have been very desperate. I was standing there for quite a while till I decided to go back to the hostel to meet Flo.

Back in the hostel I met Flo and told him about what I saw. He was very sad as well. Then we decided to go to a nearby restaurant. In the restaurant I decided to try snails for the first time. I mean honestly, If I am in France, I simply have to give it a try. 20151121_195953The snails were really delicious! The taste was the same as mussels. Even the texture was similar. It was just a bit hard to get the snails out of their shell, but I managed it somehow. I will never forget the face the waiter was making, when he saw me trying to pull them out – he must have laughed out loud on the inside.

I also talked with Flo a lot about the Catacombs. They were built at least a thousand years ago and full of dead bodies. We were reading some stories about clans who are living there and people who were born there and never saw light in there whole live. But of course, we were reading just stories. The real thing is that there are people who go down there lots of times through hidden entrances and are trying to build up a little world down there. But the police goes down there as well to catch those people. They even found a cinema and a restaurant in there. I was really curious about it and knew one day I will go down there to learn more about the catacombs. Then we drank our digestive – French Armagnac – and went back to the hostel.

In the hostel I packed my stuff and said goodbye to Flo. Then I went to sleep. On my next day I woke up very early, got my stuff and went to the airport. I had to go by bus because the Metro does not go to the airport during the weekend, god knows why. At the airport I bought some Macaroons and waited for my flight back to Dublin.


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