Iceland day 5 – A strange day in the swimming pool

I woke up, had my daily routine and during my shower I was thinking about the falling star I saw last night when I was looking for the northern lights. Then I went towards Reykjavik. But first of all, I stopped at an Icelandic bakery to eat some typical pastry. I have to say, they are really good at baking pastry.

When I left Selfoss, 2 women stopped for me. The Canadian women were so happy to give me a lift because it was one of their points written on their bucket list. It is part of the culture in Iceland to stop for hitchhikers. During the drive we spoke a lot about hitchhiking.20150913_105234 They even told me I shouldn’t do it in Canada, nobody would stop for me there. But I was already accepting this challenge in my mind. It was their last day there and they went to the Blue Lagoon. So they had to let me out at the crossroad to Reykjavik in the middle of the mountains.

There was nothing in this area, except green mountains and a long street. I had to walk for a while until an Icelandic guy stopped for me. He had to go with his daughter to Reykjavik, which was perfect for me. After a long drive we finally arrived and he was letting me out at the famous church in the city center.

The church was magnificent! I am not able to describe it with words, 20150913_113617but it made you feel like a little ant under a huge, terrifying and dark giant. It was like it had got the power to rule over people. An indescribable power. I also had a look inside the church. But it was simply boring and empty. There was some modern art and a huge organ, but nothing else. I couldn’t understand that. They built a powerful church from the outside with a boring, empty inside?

I decided to go to the city center then. Unfortunately I had no map with me and no clue which street would bring me to the shopping mile. Fortunately I found a tourist office nearby with some maps. 20150913_144540I figured out really fast where I had to go. From there I found a street, painted in rainbow colors. This street even lead to the church, which was really funny for me. It was also the starting point of the shopping mile.

At the shopping mile I found a lot of street art, 20150913_130047very unique street art. It was not simply graffiti from some rebel kids. Instead it was handmade art with meaning behind of it. It also had some “skyscrapers” at the coastline.

At the coast there was also the big new opera house named the Harpa. I had a look inside to see the stunning architecture of it. It was built of 2 huge glass cuboids and the walls looked like honeycombs.20150913_131550 It was so great to see that! I spend a good hour inside of it. Then I went to the harbor and couldn’t trust my eyes anymore! The water at the harbor was clean! I was even able to see starfish at the ground of the harbor. I have never seen such clean water at a harbor before. However I was going back to the shopping mile and bought some souvenirs for friends and family.

Then I decided to go to the camping ground.
There was just a little problem for me. I couldn’t find the camping ground. I looked at the map and asked some people on the street until I figured out it was at the north part of the city. So I went northwards to the camping ground. On my way to the camping ground, I found a phallus museum. So it was not just a joke, it is real. At the museum I met the couple from the little Island again. It felt good to see them again. Then I finally arrived at the camping ground. It was the most expensive one of all. I had to pay 1600 crones to stay there for a night. But I had no choice.

The good thing was, it was beside a swimming pool.20150915_183659 I love swimming! So I went there after I pitched my tent. The first strange thing in there was that I had to take my shoes off before I got to the locker room. In the locker room I had to get completely naked. There were signs around the locker room, mention that you had to get naked before you could go to the showers.

In the showers there was a desk with a guy. The guy sitting there and checking if everything was ok and working. 20150915_183730There was also a sign with instructions of how to shower properly in the shower. I felt so uncomfortable. Naked in the shower with a guy at a desk nearby looking at you if you are doing everything right. I felt so much better when I finished my shower and had my swimming trunk on. But I knew I had to do it again, when I got back from the swimming pool.

At least the swimming pool was great. They had a lot of hot tubes with different temperatures (38, 40, 42 and 44 degrees Celsius), outdoor and indoor pools, a water slide, a steam sauna, an ice water tube and a seawater pool. I went to all of them for the next 3 hours. I loved the hot tubes! In one of them I even felt asleep for a half an hour. Afterwards I felt so relaxed that I even didn’t care about the shower anymore.

When I got back to the camping ground I had my dinner and wrote some postcards for my family and friends. I also waited for the Northern Lights again.This time I also saw them again! It was still simply stunning and beautiful to see the green lights like flames flying around the sky. It looked like they were playing catching with each other. Some of them were really fast, others really slow. I also noticed something else. Since I had come to Iceland, I didn’t see the moon, not even once!


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  1. Moritz says:

    Definitely a strange experience. Yet, isn’t this what travelling is about? Learning something new and experiencing something somehwat awkward? I’m sure you’ll keep on enjoying your time in Iceland. At least, it looks amazing! 🙂

    1. matrocheck says:

      You yes it is so true. It was somehow awkward but I won’t miss this experience either. Things like that are the reason why people like us love to travel 🙂

      1. Moritz says:

        Absolutely. The strange experiences are the best 😀

  2. Now I’m looking for water shoes. That’s why I’m here. I want to thank your suggestion. Could you suggest me the best one?

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