Iceland day 3 – A long way to the capital of the south

I woke up – which means no stone was rolling down the cliffs – and went with my tent to the house. My tent was very wet so I had to dry it. I couldn’t wait till it got dry, instead I put it into the dryer. I was a bit afraid it could get destroyed but it survived. It was also my first day I got into a shower. Nothing felt better than the hot water running down my skin to clean it! Then I had breakfast, said goodbye to the French lads and went towards harbor.

At the harbor I bought my ticket and went to the ferry.20150911_101650 I was still a bit afraid of the ferry ride, but the sea looked very quiet. It even was a quiet trip back to the mainland and it was stunning to see the huge Island with the two volcanoes slowly disappearing. Unfortunately the good weather was disappearing as well and it started to rain. Well, at least I had a waterproof jacket with me.

It took the ferry a good half an hour before we arrived at Landeyjahoefn. There was just a small harbor with a small waiting room, nothing else. But the whole landscape was simply black. Even the beach was made of black sand. So beautiful! Green grass was growing between the sand, it looked like from another planet. There was just one problem. No city, no town, no house, no humans, no cars, no nothing except black sand, sheep and a street.20150911_120306

I was walking northwards on the small street for at least an hour until somebody finally drove on this road and stopped for me. It was a couple from Sydney. They had their last day in here and went back to the airport in Keflavik. They let me out on the crossroad Reykjavik – Vik.

On the crossroad I was able to see the mountains and also a waterfall. I decided to go to the waterfall which took me another hour of walking. On the mountain I saw the first real trees in Iceland.20150911_130642 The waterfall itself was called Seljalandsfoss and it was possible to walk behind it. It was very stunning to see and walking around of it. Just my clothes weren’t thanking me for that, they got too wet. There was even something else I was able to see. There was a reason why the sand was black. When I looked back, I saw a cold, black lava stream coming out from the mountain going to the beach. That was the reason why everything there was so black. It must have been thousands of years since the lava had gone down here.

After I saw the waterfall I went back to the main road and decided to go to Vik. People had called it the biggest town and also the capital of the south, so it should be nice there. After a while, a farmer was giving me a ride to his farm. His farm was located in Drangshlid. During the drive he was showing me Eyjafjallajoekull, the volcano which stopped the air-traffic over Europe a few years ago. It was a very huge and massive mountain!

He also showed me some small holes in walls of houses. He told me that these holes were made by little stones. I was a bit confused but he explained me that the wind was so strong in this area sometimes that a little stone could reach the speed of a bullet. Fortunately there was no wind today. He also offered me a Danish beer and we talked about his travels with the boat around Europe. He sailed a lot when he was young. His favorite journey was to Bremerhaven, he took it with his dad. When we arrived at his farm he was letting me out and I continued my way to Vik.

20150911_141134The Landscape was stunning! Big massive mountain formations full with sheep and a lonely road through the green landscape. It was like paradise! I was walking again for a half an hour until a woman and her son stopped for me. They had to go to Vik, which was perfect, but before they stopped at the  Skogafoss. 20150911_150135It is a huge and massive Waterfall beside a beautiful mountain. Fortunately the sun was shining on this day and I was able to see a big rainbow in the waterfall. It was so beautiful! Afterwards we went all the way down to Vik. From the street I was able to see the Solheimajoekull Glacier.

When we arrived in Vik I was shocked. This was the biggest city in the south of Iceland?20150911_161730 Maybe it would be possible to call it a village, but it was too small to be called a town, even. In Vik I was saying goodbye to the woman from Thailand and went to the camping ground. It was a very nice one, even with wi-fi. Afterwards I decided to go up the cliffs to look for some Puffins and the black beach.

The first animals I found on the top of the cliffs were – of course – sheep. They are simply everywhere! It doesn’t matter where you are, you will always find a sheep in Iceland. There was also an abandoned house on the cliffs. 20150911_171440From the location of the house I looked west-wards and saw the black beach. It was so beautiful! Like a normal northern European beach colored in black. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to get down there and also no Puffins.

I decided to go back to Vik and went shopping there. Afterwards I built up my tent and went to the beach in Vik, which was also black. On the beach I discovered that there were no mussels and shells at all. Just black sand and stones. There were also seagulls sitting around. I was wondering why they were not even shying away from me when I went to them. 20150911_193248I could even touch them.

When I finally arrived at the bottom of the cliffs I met a french guy from Paris named Kim. He told me that he had come here to see the Puffins and found them. He told me to look up. When I did it I saw them flying around the cliffs with some seagulls. Cute little birds, reminded me of penguins. It was funny to see them flying around. Unfortunately I couldn’t pet any of them. After a while I said goodbye to Kim and went back to the camping ground.

On my way a car stopped and an American guy named Timm from Detroit ask me if I need a lift back to the camping ground. I was wondering why he knew that I had to go there. But he told me my backpack says everything.  This guy was awesome! He rent a car a few days ago and went all the way around the Island on his own to discover it. He talked with me about his journey and also that he has to go back to Reykjavik. I ask him if he can give me a lift in that direction tomorrow and he agreed. This was so nice. But first of all I went with him to the camping ground for the night.

During the night a guy was going around and screaming: ”The Northern Lights!! The Northern Lights!” I couldn’t believe it but I went to the guy, looked up to the sky and saw green flames flying around in the sky. So beautiful! It was like they were playing in the sky! I was so happy to finally see them.


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  1. wreeves2015 says:

    sounds like a good trip!

    1. matrocheck says:

      Thank you very much! It was really nice! And I can’t wait to write about my other trips as well.

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