Iceland day 2 – From Grindavik to Vestmannaeyjar

I was so glad that the night was over. It was so terrible that I was even struggling with myself, thinking about breaking it up and going back home. But then I realized that this was not an option at all. Instead I was packing all my stuff and went eastwards. I had no idea where I could go to, but I thought it could be nice to visit the hot springs in Krysuvik. It was a long way on a lonely road and the storm was still very strong. The landscape I was walking on looked amazing. It was like in another world. Now I know how the earth looked 3 million years ago.

After around two hours of walking, two women were finally giving me a lift to Krysuvik. They told me they were on their way to the island Vestmannaeyjar to visit a congregation there. They also told me it is too dangerous to go to Krysuvik on a day like this, the storm is simply too strong. So I decided to go with them to the island. We were driving a good hour through the black landscape till we arrived Thorlakshoefn.20150910_112124 In there we were waiting for the ferry to Vestmannaeyjar. The storm was still strong.

In the ferry, I was saying goodbye to the ladies. One of them even gave me her address, just in case if I need a place to stay during the night. This was so nice from her! Afterwards a lady was giving me a paper-box and was telling me I will need it. I couldn’t believe it.

When the ferry was starting I was already able to see the rough sea, it was really rough! The ferry was even diving into the waves, it was shacking up and down. Nobody on the ship was able to walk and everybody was trying to hold to something, so they would not fly around the deck of the ship. We could barely survive this for the next 3 hours. I was holding myself on a bar, till I got seasick. I was trying to sit on the floor and was throwing up into the paper-box. It happened a few times, until I lost consciousness.

When I woke up, the ship was standing still. I had a huge headache and was totally confused. At least I was able to look outside and couldn’t believe what I saw. 20150910_150548The sea was silent and we were already at the harbor of the island, surrounded by the beautiful green cliffs of it. It was an incredible beautiful view! I even had the thought that I was dead and this must be the heaven, till I realized this was the reality.

When I went outside, and left the ferry, I looked around, stunned by the view and searched for the camping ground. The camping ground was hidden between the cliffs, behind the town. It was the most beautiful camping ground I’ve ever seen! Probably also the most dangerous one because there were stones lying everywhere around it from the cliffs and the next stone could potentially fall at any time. But as crazy as I am, I decided to build my tent there.

The island was created by 2 volcanoes. The older one named Helgafell and the younger one named Eldfell. I have never seen a volcano before, so I decided to walk to the younger and smaller one, after checking the times of the ferry for the day after. Then I walked to the 20150910_170324point where the lava flowed into the sea to create more landmass. On the cold surface were a lot of reminders of the catastrophe 40 years ago. They call it the Pompey of the north because the volcano destroyed more than half of the town. Some of the houses are still buried under the lava.
Then I climbed up the volcano. The surface was completely black. Nothing is growing there yet and it was difficult to walk on it, because I kept sinking into the surface. 20150910_171537

When I arrived at the top of the volcano I had a stunning few all over the island. I saw the way the lava took to destroy the town and create new landmass. I also saw the beautiful cliffs at the harbor and the Helgafell volcano. Most of the island was completely green, like Ireland. Such a beautiful place!

Afterwards I went all the way back to the camping ground and had Dinner there. In the kitchen was also a French couple. One of them was still seasick. I tried to help him, but I hadn’t enough medicine with me to help. At least I was able to give them some tea. Then I went to my tent and slept there.

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