Iceland day 1 – From Keflavik Airport to Grindavik

It was my first big trip after years! I started at the Belfast International Airport with Easyjet and went directly to Keflavik Airport. It was a short flight and I slept most of the time.

When I arrived at the Airport I was a bit surprised, it was a really new and modern one. I went to the Passport Check and the woman asked where I was from and if this was my first trip to Iceland. When I told her it was, she looked a bit surprised.

After getting out from the Airport I was already excited! The first time ever I did a hitch-hiking trip! There was only one Problem. It was my first time in Iceland and I had no map at all! Fortunately I found one in the airport, so I had a look on it and decided going straight away to Dadulk, a little town near Keflavik. When I walked on the street, I saw simply nothing surrounding me. Just grass and stones, not even cars but I saw some horses after a while, at least something. Finally after about one hour and thirty minutes walking, I saw a car and it stopped for me. The Lady was really friendly and drove me all the way to Dadulk. She also gave me her friend`s phone number, who lives in Keflavik. Just in case if I get lost. Such a friendly woman!

I went to a Café in Dadulk and ate a cake. It was a good one and also the coffee was go20150909_133103[1]od. But when I was paying, I was simply shocked! 1000 Crones for a piece of cake and a coffee. Way too much! This was the first and last time I did it. But about Dadulk I have to say, it is a nice little town with 2 lighthouses. They even had a karaoke pub – in a typical red English bus!

 Afterwards I went to the south. After a while an elderly man picked me up. He told me that he had to look after his house and the boat. There was a storm the day before and he had to check if something got broken. At first we checked the boat, it was fine, so we went to the house. It was a typical Icelandic house in the middle of nowhere. The outside was made of metal – even the roof – the floor and the walls inside were made of wood. With some plastic flowers for decoration. It looked gorgeous. Like back at granny’s house.

The man had to go back to Keflavik but he decided to bring me all the way down to Grindavik, just because he was worried about me. The street was empty and it was impossible walking all the way before sunset. So he drove me there. 20150909_151834The landscape was very black and rough he told me that a volcano built it some millions of years ago. I could see how the lava fought against the ocean. After a while we went to a bridge. I figured out that this bridge was called “The Bridge Between Continents”. Why? Because that point is the border between Eurasian and North American plate. It was really cool to walk from one continent to another.

IMG_20150917_010213Then we arrived at the very south-west of Iceland. The whole surface was just black! It was terrifying to see how the wild Atlantic was smashing against the black rocks. Something that nobody can describe with words! I was so honored for having this experience. Things like that are proof that we are simply nothing in this powerful world.

The man also told me that there was a hot spring nearby. So we decided to go there. The name of the hot spring is Gunnuhver. It is also at the very south-west end of Iceland and was closed for the last years because of volcanic activities. 20150909_155715

The area smells like rotten eggs. It was also stunning to see how the hot steam was coming out of the colorful landscape. The ground looked nearly like a rainbow! Yellow, white, orange, red, purple, brown and even green! I’ve never seen something like this before. At some parts, the hot water was shooting out of the ground like a rocket. It was forbidden to walk there, because the ground was hot enough to melt shoes. But there was a wooden bridge. However, I figured out that it was not that safe, after I saw a part of the bridge had been destroyed by the hot fountain.

Afterwards we went towards Grindavik. We talked about fairies. He told me that he saw sometimes strange lights appearing during the night times, but he doesn’t believe that the lights could be fairies. He thinks there is another explanation, but he doesn’t know what it could be.

In Grindavik he was driving me to the camping ground. I said goodbye to him there. He is really a very friendly and nice old guy! Then I decided to have a look around the little town. 20150909_163035I learned a bit of the history, like many years ago some pirates nearly destroyed the whole town and killed a lot of the people and were taking the rest of them to Africa as slaves. Just a few were able to hide themselves and built the town up again.

Afterwards I went to Netto and bought some flat bread and water in there for the evening. When I came back to the camping ground it was already starting to rain. In the kitchen I met a couple from New Zealand. They were really nice and even gave me the rest of their rice with tomato soup. After I ate the meal, I went outside and built the tent up. Some people already told me that a storm was coming, but I thought it would be just a bit of rain. Well, it was rainy and it got stronger.

When I was trying to sleep, the tent nearly blew away because of the wind. I was able to rescue it with the lady from the check-in desk and she allowed me to sleep in the laundry room instead. I was really wrecked and so happy that I finally found a safe place for the night and was thinking about what to do during the next days, in case that the storm won’t calm down.

To the next day —>

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